24×7 cold chain management
24×7 cold chain management for sensitive medical products

The key factor in the shipment of pharmaceutical goods is the strict fulfilment of temperature requirements so that the medicine delivered is effective and safe. We employ a systematic approach for Cool Chain Management even before the shipment has started.

  • Individual, quality controlled shipping concept for each client
  • Individual planning, control and evaluation of every shipment of temperature sensitive goods
  • Detailed reporting for our clients in table and diagram form
  • 24×7 monitoring with automatic alarms, 24×7 accessibility and 24×7 emergency management
  • The highest attention is paid to all concerns, especially in customs and border clearance in order to reduce waiting times
  • We maintain proactive communication with our clients during the entire course of the shipment
Prevention is the best cure

In order to encounter the unexpected as seldom as possible:

  • We specify in detail for our shipping partners exactly how the vehicles which are deployed exclusively for us are to be equipped. The entire fleet measures up to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.
  • The most modern cooling and measurement technology, telemetry, GPS and double-deck equipment are part of basic equipment. We check that maintenance cycles are observed and ensure that all instruments are regularly calibrated.
  • We train our drivers in short, regularly occurring intervals. Cleanliness, dryness, correct loading, labeling and documentation as well as reacting appropriately to alarms, changes in amounts or schedule and other deviations from plan are foremost concerns.
  • With the aid of software, we monitor a multitude of parameters, from vehicles, cooling units and loading every five minute, in addition to processing information that drivers provide manually.
  • Each shipment is assigned a responsible dispatcher who is on call at night, on the week-end and on holidays and who is immediately available in case of deviations from plan and alarms.
  • Detailed shipping and route reports are used with individually assembled Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and diagrams which alleviate the work of the qualified persons in the receiving department of the consignee.

Our certificates of quality

PharmaSped is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 & 14001, GDP and in accordance with Green Logistics.