Individual pharmaceutical logistics
Individual pharmaceutical logistics for Europe and Eurasia
We take care of each pharmaceutical shipment with great care and attention. In addition to the knowledge won from experience and professional competence of each dispatcher, we know precisely the on-site conditions of the loading stations and border crossings in Europe and Eurasia. Before a shipment is sent we check all risk factors, evaluate them and propose an appropriate logistics concept to our clients. We can react quickly to on-site or short-term changes in amounts or schedule changes.
Adhering to Good Distribution Practices (GDP)
In addition to maintaining legal regulations our top priority is adhering to the guidelines of the European Commission for good distribution of pharmaceutical products. With the aid of our quality management measures we make certain that during the entire time we bear responsibility for them the integrity, cleanliness, dryness and appropriate temperature of the pharmaceutical products is maintained and all activities and measurement values are continuously documented.
We leave nothing to chance
Only vehicles which meet our criteria are deployed, and only drivers we have trained operate them. While the truck is enroute we receive a data package every five minutes via telemetry, GPS and internet with a multitude of parameters. Automatic alarms and a 24×7 stand-by service allow us to react quickly at any time to deviations from delivery parameters. Our measurement units and our computer infrastructure for cold chain management are redundantly deployed and we regularly back-up all data.